Are you wondering what to get grandma or grandpa for Christmas or their birthday? Nothing would make them more happy than seeing the whole family in a portrait. 


Rummage through your old albums and find photos of your uncles and aunts, cousins and siblings, nieces and nephews. We will create a unique paper art from these photos that will be cherished by your grandparents and your extended family members for years to come. 



1. Send me the photos of the subjects, full body and face forward once you have purchased the listing. They do not have to be in the same picture together - just specify the height difference if they are not. You can either email me the pictures at quillingthingspretty (at) gmail (dot) com

2. In your choice of photos, avoid blurry/dark photos and portraits in sunglasses. Make sure you have enough good quality photos of the subjects before buying this listing.

3. Please describe clothes, shoes, accessories that each subject will wear in the portrait. Also, do include the color of each clothing. If possible, do include the pictures of the outfit you would like the subject to wear.

4. Please mention the text you would wish to include in the print ( names, date etc ).

5. The family portrait is usually finished in 15 days. I will keep you updated with process shots so that you can request any changes.

6. After you are satisfied with the quilled work, I will paste it onto a heavy-weight cardstock and carefully package it in a cellophane sleeve. It will be shipped ASAP to you, please check my shipping policy for more information.

Extended Family portrait